Piney River Flows Through Kansas City

The Big Piney River in Texas County is a wild and a wonderful place.  We are lucky enough that we live here.  When we’re not working, we love to sneak away to this river for a day or a couple of hours.  We truly believe that everyone should be able to experience a glorious day on an Ozarks stream.  So please put a day on the Big Piney on your bucket list.

The Big Piney River--October 2016

The Big Piney River–October 2016

Until the day comes that you find yourself on our river, we’re doing our best to bring a little bit of the river to you.  And Kansas City, as promised, this week is your week!

Going to Kansas City....

Going to Kansas City….

So we had a little snafu today, and didn’t find out about today’s event at Rusty Horse Tavern in Parkville until about noon.  Our apologies for that, but yours truly cruised into town just a wee bit late for his own party.

Ain't no life like the river life says Brian Durham...

For the record, this is not the reason Brian arrived in KC just a tad late.  But it would have been a great excuse!

Thanks to all of you that came out and got your drink on at the Rusty Horse’s red hot, craft beer Monday night gig.  It was fun!

Tuesday, November 29th you can enjoy more beers with Brian!

Thursday, December 1st Brian and Joleen will be out and about town!

Friday, December 2nd is one last night in Crown Town with the Piney River pair (for now) when we hang with you and whole bunch of Piney River tap handles at KC Bier Station from 4 to 7 p.m.  And when we say “whole bunch of handles”, there will be some that you have possibly never ever seen in KC before.

BIG kudos to the fine folks at North Kansas City Beverage for setting up a plethora of events for a little launching into Royals country.  They have been spreading the Piney River around town, and we couldn’t be more grateful to them.  HUGE thanks to the great people that have e-mailed, tweeted, and reached out in a myriad of ways–particularly in reaching up and taking Piney River off the KC shelves.  Bless your hearts you’re drinking it about as fast as we’re making it, but no worries, we’ll make more!

See you later this week, Kansas City friends.  Can’t wait to take a little dip in the Piney River with you!





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