Anybody up for a little Raise A Ruckus?

Anybody out there interested in raising a ruckus with us?

Let’s do it next week!  Because Raise A Ruckus, our imperial stout will be out next week, and it’s delicious. We also think it’s ruckus worthy.

Here’s the story.

Last year we brewed up our first imperial stout with KC homebrewer Michael Wells. The beer was delicious and a big hit in our tap room and in the retail accounts where we were able to place some kegs of the beer.  As we were planning for our 2017 production schedule, Brian and I knew that we needed to bring back another big and tasty stout.  We tapped into a term that we love to use when we’re having a good time in the Ozarks–Raise A Ruckus–for the name of this beer, too.

Barrels filled with Raise A Ruckus Imperial Stout

This is a big beer–almost 10% ABV.  Raise A Ruckus starts with over a ton of grain for one batch.  In brewing it this year, we acquired some bourbon barrels from various distilleries in the US (including several from Missouri’s own J Rieger in Kansas City), and we filled those barrels with Raise A Ruckus that won’t be available for public consumption for probably a year or so.

Brick and Mortar Coffee beans specially roasted for Raise A Ruckus Imperial Stout.

The rest of the imperial stout that we brewed sat on pounds of vanilla beans.  After the vanilla flavor was imparted we added pounds of freshly roasted coffee from Brick and Mortar Coffee in Springfield.

After weeks, this beer is ready to be packaged.  And it’s delicious! (Something definitely worth saying again.)

This beer will be shipping out to our distribution network beginning next week.  It is very limited release, so if you see it on the shelf or in a bar, GET IT.  There’s not enough of this beer for it to stick around long.

The good news is that we will will have plenty of this beer on hand in kegs to enjoy at the BARn tap room over the next few weeks.  As this beer has fermented, closer to being ready for packaging, Brian and I have grown more excited about again having this beer available to share with our craft beer loving friends.  Things have worked out for us to be around the first weekend in February for a little Raise A Ruckus weekend here on the Farm.

Raise A Ruckus at the BARn beginning Friday, February 3rd.  Weather permitting, Mike & Julie’s Smoked Meats will be here on Saturday, February 4th.  Nashville-based recording artist, Michael Connors, will be joining us on Saturday, too.  Michael’s an imperial stout fan, and he likes to raise a ruckus of his own.  We will be around for the weekend, too, giving tours and raising a pint with you, too!

Even if you can’t join us to Raise A Ruckus at the BARn, we hope you find some of this delicious beer to Raise A Ruckus of your own.  As the Raise A Ruckus can says…

In the Ozarks we like to Raise A Ruckus every now and again. A good Ozarks ruckus can involve a riverbank, the back forty or the loft of an old barn. Also included…a banjo, a fire, and an Imperial Stout chock full of malted barley and finished with more Brick and Mortar Coffee beans and vanilla pods than you can shake a stick at. Go ahead, Raise A Ruckus tonight!

Raise A Ruckus Imperial Stout

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