Sometimes It’s Good to Be High

We’ve been practicing…staying up late, drinking something with a big ABV every night, pushing ourselves in anticipation of a trip to Denver, Colorado.

Denver has been good to us.  We took home a gold for Old Tom Porter at Great American Beer Festival in Denver.  We took home gold for Float Trip Ale at the World Beer Cup in Denver.  We always find our way to Star Bar,  Euclid Hall, Rioja, and Acorn when we’re in Denver.  Our friends at New Belgium and other breweries in the area welcome beer family with open arms.  The Mile High City is always a home away from home for a few days during the Great American Beer Festival.

When we are at GABF, we look forward to seeing volunteers that have poured with us and poured for us for the past five years.  We look forward to seeing our beer family from across the US.  We look forward to trying beers that we would never be able to get our hands on in the Ozarks.

Once again, we are proud to be part of the small contingent of Midwest breweries that are represented at GABF, and we’re bringing some old favorites and some new brews to share with you. One of these beers we’ve never poured anywhere, and they are only available in our markets in Missouri and Arkansas.

Float Trip Ale–Fresh off a gold medal at the US Open Beer Championship win, this blonde ale will make you think about floating down a lazy Ozark stream with a beer in hand, ALL DAY LONG.


Black Walnut Wheat–This dark American wheat made with Ozarks black walnuts just won it’s third accolade at the US Open Beer
Championship, and we love sharing this taste of the Ozarks with our friends from across the US that are not familiar with the delicate flavors and aromas of the black walnut.


Look at that Old Tom Porter Gold around Brian’s neck!

Old Tom Porter–Old Tom has a history at GABF although there’s nothing flashy, just solid brown porter goodness to be had.


Aux Arcs Dry-Hopped Saison–If you could only try one Piney River beer, I might say Aux Arcs (that’s French for “Ozark”) should be the one because the French saison yeast and the Nelson Sauvin and Mosiac hops dance together in this beer.  This is a new beer for us, and it’s been really fun sharing it with beer drinkers at festivals and events this fall.



The foeder where Missouri Waltz began its life in the BARn.

Missouri Waltz with Blackberries–This beer had never been poured anywhere.  This beer is our Farm Raised Funk, aged in  Missouri Oak and on blackberries in the BARn.  Missouri Waltz with Blackberries is fermented with brettanomyces, saccharomyces, and pediococcus.  We’ve got more beer aging on other fruit, but we thought the blackberry version paid homage to a fruit that grows wild in the Ozarks and in cultivated beds in our own garden making it a perfect fit for our first funk offering.



When we’re in Denver, the air is thin and dry, the nights go really late or maybe the mornings start really early (?), and we drink SO MANY delicious beers every day, all day.  It’s good to be a Mile High.

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