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Missouri Mule Kicked the Green Can Down the Road

We recently poured beer at West Plains Beerfest, and we had a few people come up to our tub of craft can goodness, and say, "I like the one in the green can." Actually, people have been saying that they like the one in the green can since November 2011 when Missouri Mule IPA was the second beer we ever canned on the Piney River Farm.  We are still proud to the be first craft brewery in Missouri to put an IPA in a can because we love hops! The green Missouri Mule IPA can was kicked down the road…
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Charity on Tap

If you've been to the BARn, you know that Piney River loves to support local charity.  Every month, we have a local charity that we support with a portion of our sample tray sales.  We've been able to help some great charities--The Missouri Smallmouth Alliance, the Texas County Food Pantry, Women in Need in the Ozarks, TCMH Hospice of Care, the Houston Education Foundation, just to name a few.  The Charity of the Month at the BARn is chosen by Brian, Andy and I to support a cause that is important to us.  We try to stick with charities that…
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Winter in the Ozarks Has Me Like….

So ready for a beach, some palm trees, an Ozarks gravel bar, my Chacos, and green grass everywhere. Anybody with me? Maybe I'm just spoiled with the mild winters of most recent years, but it seems like it has been really cold this winter. Cue our beer to chase away your winter blues... Cerveza Rio. We shipped Cerveza Rio out to most of our distributors earlier this month, so if you've seen this bright yellow label glowing on the beer shelf you have found our answer to winter.  This beer is a Mexican-style lager.  It's yellow in color, easy drinking…
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Raise A Ruckus Release at the BARn

We’re gonna Raise A Ruckus this weekend ya’ll! The fun begins this Friday at the BARn. We will have 2018 Raise A Ruckus in its traditional form—aged on vanilla and coffee beans (Brick & Mortar Coffee's Piney River blend, thank you very much). We will also have the first barrel-aged Raise A Ruckus, also aged on vanilla and coffee beans, but also aged for almost a year in bourbon and whiskey barrels—mostly J. Rieger & Co. barrels from our friends in KC. Packaged this week, both of these beers are simply delicious. We’ve shared sips of barrels and even some samples…
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Aux Arcs Saison—Beautiful Beer for a Beautiful Place

It’s not uncommon when Brian and I are driving around Missouri that we will top a hill or round a bend and marvel at the “classic Ozarks” vista—rolling hills and trees as far as the eye can see. Sometimes the sun is setting in the hills, sometimes it’s rising. Sometimes fog is obscuring the depths of the hollows. There are bluffs.  There are rivers.  There are waterfalls.  It’s always breathtaking. The first Europeans to venture in our hills centuries ago were French surveyors, and they aptly called this area Aux Arcs, French for “to the top arc”. Pronounced “Ozark”, the centuries…
Piney River Brewing Company
September 14, 2017
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Let There Be Lagers…By Piney River

There are a lot of things that our new brewery has enabled us to do besides make larger quantities of beer at one time. With our new space, we have the additional fermentation tank space to try some things that we have never done in our professional brewing history. Making lagers is one of those things. There are basically two different types of beer—ale and lager. What determines if a beer is an ale or a lager is based on the yeast and the way the beer ferments. The yeast in an ale ferments on top of the beer at…
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Sixth Aleiversary Coming Up! You’re Gonna Be Here, Right?

Piney River Brewing Company is celebrating their sixth anniversary on Sat., Mar. 25th at the brewery in Bucyrus. The “6th Aleiversary” party will be held at the BARn—the brewery and tap room located off Junction ZZ—from 12 to 7 p.m. “Once again, we are looking forward to enjoying a beautiful spring day in the Ozarks at our upcoming Aleiversary,” Joleen Durham, co-founder and owner, said. Durham described the Aleiversary as “the biggest event in Bucyrus”. Each spring hundreds of people from across the region visit the Piney River Farm for the Aleiversary. “The event is family-friendly, and there is no charge…
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We Need Another Brewer for Our Team

Since Piney River Brewing Company was founded in 2010, we have dedicated ourselves to brewing high quality, handcrafted beers that celebrate the Ozarks. We are an independent family-owned farm brewery located in South Central Missouri. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities in our small business, and we seek imaginative and innovative people that are passionate about craft beer to join our award-winning brewery team.  You could be the lucky person that gets to work here: Our brewery and tap room. One of our 30 bbl Foeders Part of our barrel aging program. Our brewhouse And play with us in…
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Raise a Ruckus with Us

Anybody up for a little Raise A Ruckus? Anybody out there interested in raising a ruckus with us? Let's do it next week!  Because Raise A Ruckus, our imperial stout will be out next week, and it's delicious. We also think it's ruckus worthy. Here's the story. Last year we brewed up our first imperial stout with KC homebrewer Michael Wells. The beer was delicious and a big hit in our tap room and in the retail accounts where we were able to place some kegs of the beer.  As we were planning for our 2017 production schedule, Brian and I knew that…
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Piney River Flows Through Kansas City

The Big Piney River in Texas County is a wild and a wonderful place.  We are lucky enough that we live here.  When we're not working, we love to sneak away to this river for a day or a couple of hours.  We truly believe that everyone should be able to experience a glorious day on an Ozarks stream.  So please put a day on the Big Piney on your bucket list. The Big Piney River--October 2016 Until the day comes that you find yourself on our river, we're doing our best to bring a little bit of the river to…

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