The Beer

Another Piney River Craft Beer Story–Hot Date Ale

“Are you trying to incite a riot?”  Brian asked. I had posted the graphic for our upcoming “Hot Date Ale” on the brewery’s Facebook page.  Folks went a little crazy over it. Yes, I was trying to gauge the interest.  No, I didn’t want to start a riot. Either way, Hot Date Ale is out there.  And yes, there’s a bra on the can graphic.  First time that’s ever happened?  Quite possibly. The question that we are constantly asked is, “How do you come up with stuff like this?” So here’s the story of Hot Date Ale…. Rewind to our…
The BARn

Tap Room Tweaks

Many of you were at the BARn last weekend. A lot of you were not here, but it was nearly standing room only. And there were so many empty kegs at the end of the day that we wondered what we would serve in the upcoming week. Even now, I am thinking of this person and that person that came in...and many of you stayed awhile, too. On a fluke, and since it was Labor Day weekend, Brian and I got some brats and grilled them to give away to those that came in, too. ; We had two new…
Beer Events

Craft Beer Lake Ozark Style

We received a few flyers about the Midwest Wine and Brew Fest in Lake Ozark a couple of weeks ago. There were several wineries listed on the flyer, but there was only one brewery. Yes. You guessed it. Piney River Brewing. Really? The only brewery? No competition for craft beer lovers? Seriously? Alright! We knew we were going to rock the festival. The festival was in a large, spacious, carpeted room. We had three full size skirted tables to spread ourselves out on. There were silver trays with little packages of palate cleansing crackers and silver dump buckets. (I left…
Start up

A Doer, Not a Dreamer…Piney River Brewing Style

It started early in the week...we spent our evenings wrestling with white pine boards for the walls of the tap room at the BARn.  We knew we needed to just "take a day" and work non-stop on our construction work. My mom was coming in for a visit, and we knew that we would have a little childcare for Andy available.  I also shoved my regular five day a week job into four days this week and took Friday off. The Piney River Brewing "weekend" started on Thursday evening.  Brian, Andy, my mom and I went to the Midway Bar…

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