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November 2010

Start up

Burning the candle

It's been awhile since I updated the PRBC Blog.  We've been doing this thing I lovingly term "burning the candle at both ends"--brewery, work, brewery, farm, brewery, eat, brewery, sleep, brewery, family, brewery, work with contractors, brewery, brewery, brewery.  The work of building a microbrewery in the Ozarks continues even if the blog posts have been few and far between. You’re not seeing an apparition...some lights have been hung in the brewery with care.  At some point in its 70-year history, this old barn had electricity, but we haven’t had any electric hooked up to the barn in the 14…
Start up

It's official

Tonight Brian and I popped the cork on a bottle of Three Philosophers (Ommegang Brewery).  After polishing that off, we sampled our latest and last home brew--what will be named "McKinney Eddy Amber Ale" when it's labeled. It's official folks, we've been approved. Two months after submitting our inches thick application to the Tobacco Tax Bureau, we have received approval to brew and sell alcohol from the federal government!  (Major kudos to Brian.  Our TTB rep told Brian that it was one of the most complete applications she's ever seen.) When we submitted our application, we were told it would…
Start up

The ultimate….

We started with a beer fridge in the basement.  Smallish, stocked with cold variety. Our next step was a kegorator.  We wondered how we ever lived without the capabilities to keep beer on tap in our home. The most recent beer chilling tool is a first in the life of all brewer’s that intend to brew professionally—the walk-in cooler. This past weekend,with Mumford and Sons playing in the background, we snapped together our 9’X11’ ultimate beer fridge, placing it in the Northwest corner of the BARn. The walk-in cooler takes cool to a whole new level and in more ways…
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