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December 2010

Start up

Passion and daring

A fellow professional in marketing referred me to the blog of Tom Asacker (www. a couple of years ago.  Asacker's blog is delivered to my in-box on a regular basis, and even though Brian and I don't know him personally, we agree that Asacker speaks our language. Just this week, Asacker did a blog post that we really appreciated reading as we've been spending every free moment working on the wet side of our brewery like it's our sole purpose in life.  In this particular post Asacker wrote, "Your life's purpose is the quality of your life's experiences.  Living…
Start up

Tin roof, rusted…Part II

We must have been a good boy and girl because well before Christmas Day Santa sent us our Missouri state license to sell liquor.  Piney River Brewing Company is very much a brewery recognized by the federal and state governments. So, everyone keeps asking when we are going to be open, when we will have beer to sale, when we'll have beer to sample, etc.  All we can really say is that this is a process, my friends... 1)  We're already looking into and working on the components for a larger brewing system because we know that the system we…
Start up

Forging & Remembering, Part I

Our friend Charlie McKinney hasn’t been here to offer his two cents on the renovation of BARn.  But there have been many times since we started our work that we have thought of Charlie and what he might say or how he would be involved in what we are doing.  In honor of our good friend and his love of the Ozarks, we have named our amber ale after McKinney Eddy on the McKinney family farm, not too far from the home, studio and blacksmith shop where Charlie and his wife, Marian made a home and living together for many…
Start up

In living color

When we first started brewing beer, we thought about how it tied in with the Ozarks, the Big Piney River and the sweet, limestone filtered water that we drink and use in our beer.   You cannot brew a beer in the Ozarks without drawing on the history of the water that has been the life blood of the people, plants and animals that have relied on our rivers for centuries. Many people have lived or visited the Ozarks and have enjoyed our rivers, including the Big Piney River.  We hope our beer helps them remember good times and great stories…
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