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January 2011

Start up

#1 Ingredient in Beer

If you follow Piney River Brewing Company on Facebook, you may have had part in the PRBC quiz fun we had, asking our Facebook fans what the #1 ingredient is in beer.  Some of our fans figured it out, some didn't.  Either way, the #1 ingredient in beer is alive and well in the BARn tonight. Brian and I spent the weekend hooking up pex lines to the water hook up in the BARn. While we enjoyed the new album from The Decemberists, Andy did the honors and tapped the new water lines. We think we may have a future…
Start up

Ta da!

We finished the interior portion of the wall on the wet side of the brewery tonight. The cleaning of the brewery has begun.  And that's a good thing because this is sitting inside the brewery, too. Malt, grain, dextrose and other very important items for brewing beer.  Yes, we will begin actually brewing some beer soon.  There's still lots of work to be done on the BARn, but we'll have beer in there too...which is why we began this whole endeavor....
Start up

Progress as promised

Saturday proved to be a typically non-typical Ozark Saturday in January weather-wise.  We worked up a sweat cleaning up the piles of boards on the West end of the BARn.  There are no photos documenting the day's work, but again, I will say that the hardest days of brewing will never be as laborious as the work we did on Saturday. Brian picked through 8, 10, 12 foot old oak boards that once covered the outside of the barn.  He pulled nails, and then we moved the good old boards into the BARn, to dry out upstairs where they will…
Start up


I've never built a wall before.  After this weekend, I can say that I've definitely been involved in building two, and I've got two more in my very near future.  Brian and my dad built the walls for the "farm room", so he's experienced. Our goal has been to get the wet side of the brewery closed off from the remaining construction.   Last week we finished covering the existing walls with tin.  We also started framing up the new walls, placing them in between the 65 year old rough cut posts--the same rough cut posts that had a manger attached…
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