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July 2011

Start up

The Happy Nanobrewery

Happiness is a great craft beer. Happiness is starting a nanobrewery. Happiness is starting a nanobrewery that cannot make enough beer. If you're the nanobrewery owners, you're happy when the brewery is crowded on Saturday.  You're happy when you're getting carpel tunnel from pulling the tap.  You're happy when there's empty keg after empty keg.  (Okay, I'll admit, you're a little stressed about the empty keg thing, too.) The aforementioned  publicity came out in The Houston Herald last Thursday.  That brought a few new people out to the brewery this past Saturday.  Then some of our previous customers brought some…
Start up

Nanobrewery Word of Mouth No More

It was bound to happen. We started the PRBC Blog last August (almost one year ago, to be precise).  The Piney River Brewing Facebook page began sometime in late fall.  Our Web site,, was up and running sometime this winter. Piney River Brew on Twitter began in March. We cracked open the door to the BARn the first weekend in March, and we've relied on word of mouth for word to spread from Bucyrus to Houston to Plato to Springfield to Minnesota to Alabama to New York, California and Mexico (just to name a few places where there are…
Beer Events

Nanobrewery News

Some of you that follow the Piney River Brewing Company blog do not follow us on Facebook or Twitter, so I want to share a few things with you that you may have missed from this past week's events at Piney River Brewing Company. We were blogged about by a craft beer lover from Little Rock, AR: The same blogger also did what we believe to be our first beer review: Thanks to Scott Parton for the blog feature and the review! We had another excellent Saturday in the BARn.  As you know, we cannot keep up with…
The Beer

The Harrow and the Harvest, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings & Crafting Great Things

Music and beer go hand in hand. Since our stovetop homebrewing days tunes have been a very important part of the beer we've made.  We still have the TV we bought when we were married, but we've upgraded our stereo system more than one time.  The BARn is currently outfitted with an iPod player, but we're already thinking about where and how to pipe the tunes all over the BARn when the time comes.  (This will involve more outdoor speakers.  The cows, the turkeys, the deer all love tunes, too.) Several years ago I read this article in The New…
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