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September 2011

Start up

Microbrewery Owners Can Sleep When They Die

A year ago in September we still had some old barn wood on the BARn.  There were dirt floors, and there was certainly no plumbing or electricity.  The TTB probably hadn't even opened the box with our application for licensure. Somewhere over the past 52 weeks we got a concrete floor, plumbing, electricity, and we actually opened a nanobrewery.  Brian has brewed almost 70 batches of beer (10 gallons at a time).  I've cleaned a million kegs or maybe two million kegs (or so it seemed).  We've had hundreds of people come through the doors of our brewery.  We've had…
Piney River Brewing Company
September 22, 2011
The Beer

Hops, Hoptemonium, Hopalicious, Hoppiness, Hops!

We signed a contract today.  Not a huge contract, but a contract nonetheless.  It is a contract that is vital to the success of Piney River Brewing Company in 2012.  It's a contract that's vital to the outcome of handcrafted beer from Bucyrus, MO. We signed a contract for our hops. Small, family owned brewery in the Ozarks has signed a contract with a US hop brokerage firm in Washington. Why is it important to contract your hops, you might ask? There are many different types of hops (grown around the world), and the hop farmers contract with breweries prior…
Piney River Brewing Company
September 15, 2011
Start up

Even Microbreweries Need Friends in High Places

A craft beer fan told Brian today that if I didn’t blog about the brewery soon, they were going to start a “Piney River Brewery Won’t Blog” blog. I know you don’t want to read excuses, but this writer has been thinking about writing while helping Brian brew; cleaning, sanitizing and filling kegs; cleaning brewing equipment, and helping with general brewery construction and maintenance.  There’s the day job, too, and fall soccer has started for Andy.  But enough about that; I AM blogging tonight. Right now, the owners of Piney River Brewing Company are racing against the clock.  We’ve felt…
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