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October 2011

Start up

The Microbrewery Keg Queen Gets Her Bells & Whistles & Levers & Knobs

Keg cleaning is an ongoing job in a brewery.  There are always kegs in various stages of cleanliness. Kegs aren't just to be cleaned either.  They also have to be sanitized.  And filled.  And they are emptied at an amazing rate which starts the cycle all over again. When we first started home brewing, we used old soda or "corny" kegs because they were fairly simple to disassemble for cleaning.  As a microbrewery, we have a bunch of brand spankin' new, shiny "Sanke" kegs that are waiting to be put into the brewery rotation. Sanke kegs are not that simple…
Start up

What's in a can? Not just any can…craft beer in a can.

If you would have been in the BARn at Piney River Brewing Company today you would have seen the brewer and his wife passing fittings and tools back and forth to each other, putting in lines to run the air compressor for our canning line.  Seven barrels of Missouri Mule India Pale Ale were glug-glugging happily in time with some tunes from the Drive-By Truckers.  Yes, this little microbrewery is getting ready to can our craft beer. We are very proud of the fact that our little craft brewery will be the first microbrewery in the state of Missouri to…
Beer Events

How Oktoberfest Went Down

Brian and I geared up for our first beer festival--Oktoberfest at The Public House in Rolla--by making sure that we had excellent beer to sample.  For this festival, we had a Missouri Mule India Pale Ale and an Old Tom Porter--five gallons of each--to share with festival attendees.  My beer, the Black Walnut Wheat, also tasted fabulously of fall, so we decided to take five gallons of it to the festival, too. A very crafty girl that I work with, Brittney McNiell, was hired to carve a pumpkin with our logo in it (and she did a darn fine job…
Beer Events

A Festive October at the Microbrewery

Saturday, October 8th provided Piney River Brewing Company the opportunity to bring a local charitable organization to the brewery.  We don't offer food to our customers, but the Houston Education Foundation came out to the brewery and served up hot dogs and brats to raise funds for their group which supports the Houston schools. Our customers don't really need a reason to drink, but we offered up "pints with a purpose", donating a portion of every pint sold at the brewery yesterday.  Thanks to our thirsty customers, we were pleased to make a $120.00 donation to the Houston Education Foundation.…
The Beer

The Piney River Brewer's Wife

On our end of the river, this brewer's wife is nanny, maid, cook, accountant, sensory panel, brewery hostess and the ever important keg cleaner.  This brewery's wife also has an avid interest in craft beer; after all, I always said I didn't like beer until (many years ago) I tasted a Fat Tire by  New Belgium and said, "Mmm...that's good." The success of Piney River Brewing Company has been in large part to the fact that Brian and I are willing to work together side-by-side to do whatever needs to be done to make our dream of owning a microbrewery…
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