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November 2011

The Beer

Craft Beer + Guest Tap = General Craft Beer Fun at the BARn

To update you a little on the progress here at Piney River Brewing...we're brewing regularly in our 7-barrel system, especially Amber Ale and IPA for canning.  It will be a while before we meet the demand for our beer in cans.  We're sneaking in things like our Porter and our Wheat when we get a chance so we can provide the occasional keg of the "other" beers that we brew but don't can and so we can provide those beers on tap in the BARn each weekend. Speaking of the BARn, we began putting in the bar in the upstairs. …
Start up

Our Craft Beer to the Customers

The roll out of Piney River Brewing Company beers has begun. After canning our Amber Ale and IPA, we met with Grellner Sales regarding getting the beer "out there" you.  Since Texas County is our home base, and since the BARn was going to be closed on Thanksgiving weekend, we really wanted to get beer into Texas County retail stores for the week of Thanksgiving. We loaded our truck with cases of Amber Ale and IPA and met a Grellner truck that was making a delivery in Houston. Brian made the delivery.  Here's one happy Grellner truck. Piney River brews…
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Introducing Piney River Brews to Our Southwest Missouri Friends

In the middle of all this canning and the roll out of our beer to our Texas County friends, we haven't had the opportunity to fully express how excited we are about this coming Saturday. A couple of years ago Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Ozarks began "Ozarks Beer Fest", an opportunity for craft beer lovers to gather in Springfield to enjoy distinctive craft beers and great food.  To top off a great event, all the funds raised by the event go to a great Southwest Missouri cause--Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Ozarks. When we attended…
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The First IPA Canned in Missouri

While we're making brewing history in Missouri, why not make a little more?  How 'bout the first India Pale Ale canned in the Show Me state? Piney River Brewing Company took the honors for the first IPA canned in Missouri, our appropriately named Missouri Mule India Pale Ale.  And it was fun! Roger and Tristan from Wild Goose Engineering went back to Boulder last Tuesday night, and they left us with our magical Micro Can machine.  We ran it all by ourselves tonight.  (We received photo proof that while we were running our new canning machine, they were enjoying some…
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A Show Me Guide: How Craft Beer Was First Canned in Missouri

Last November we were a newly licensed brewery trying to figure out if people would really drink craft beer brewed in barn in Bucyrus, MO.  By March, we were at the Craft Brewers Conference in San Francisco talking with canning machine companies. Why cans? Lots of reasons. Easier to recycle.  Less shipping weight and cost.  Better for the environment.  The best way to preserve the flavor of beer.  And most importantly, the only way to take craft beer on float trips on the Big Piney River or any other river out here in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.  Plus, canned…
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Missouri Made Canned Craft Beer

We promised it--canned craft beer from a microbrewery in Missouri. On Tuesday, November 8th about 4:30 p.m. the first craft beer from a Missouri microbrewery was canned on site at Piney River Brewing Company in Bucyrus, MO. A more descriptive and photo filled blog post is soon coming, but suffice it to say, handcrafted beer in a pint can is now available and made in the Ozarks. All of this would not have been possible without assistance from two extraordinary gentleman, Tristan Shaffer and Roger Walz from Wild Goose Engineering in Boulder, CO.  Tristan and Roger delivered and helped us…
Start up

You Supply the Event. We'll Supply the Craft Beer…In a Keg!

If a pint of Piney River Brewing beer is good and a growler of Piney River Brewing beer is better, how does a keg of Piney River Brewing beer sound?  If you've got a kegerator or an upcoming event, we can now provide kegs of our handcrafted ales for your drinking pleasure. Here's what you'll soon see on our web site: Kegs to go are now available at Piney River Brewing Company.  Please contact us via e-mail ( or via phone (417/967-6786) to reserve a keg of beer.  Not all of our beer styles are currently available in kegs.  Keg…
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