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January 2012

Start up

A Doer, Not a Dreamer…Piney River Brewing Style

It started early in the week...we spent our evenings wrestling with white pine boards for the walls of the tap room at the BARn.  We knew we needed to just "take a day" and work non-stop on our construction work. My mom was coming in for a visit, and we knew that we would have a little childcare for Andy available.  I also shoved my regular five day a week job into four days this week and took Friday off. The Piney River Brewing "weekend" started on Thursday evening.  Brian, Andy, my mom and I went to the Midway Bar…
Start up

The Barn in the BARn Tap Handles at Piney River Brewing Company

This blog post is long started sometime last March when Brian and I were at the Craft Brewers Conference.  While looking at everything from keg collars to glycol chillers we picked up some information and talked to some companies that make tap handles.Fast forward to this past summer when a pressing need for tap handles was upon us.  We knew that we needed tap handles for our off premise sales.  We needed a handle that was distinctive, that said "PineyRiver Brewing", and that covered the bases of the various beers we offer.Covering all of those bases is pretty hard,…
The BARn

Charlie McKinney’s Sign and the PRBC Fermentation Vessels

If you ever visited our friend Charlie McKinney’s blacksmith shop—McKinney Forge in Bucyrus—you would have noticed a large and colorful sign mounted high up on the wall in the shop.  The sign was pretty hard to miss…lots of words and color and pretty darn interesting to read. The sign was scavenged from a road side trash pile by Charlie and Marian somewhere down South.  Charlie and Marian were collectors of things for their shop, studio and home.  When Marian auctioned much of the blacksmith shop, the sign came down, and the brewery was deemed a great place to hang it.…
Start up

2012 at Piney River Brewing Company

We ended our year at Piney River Brewing Company with over 80 brews on the Sabco Brew Magic, about 100 barrels under our belt on the new brewing system, Piney pint after Piney pint coming off the Wild Goose Engineering canning machine and several happy retail locations that can's seem to stock enough McKinney Eddy Amber Ale and Missouri Mule India Pale Ale. Here's how 2012 began at Piney River Brewing Company: Yes, you're seeing things correctly...that's a brite beer tank full of McKinney Eddy Amber Ale, a fermentation vessel full of Missouri Mule IPA and a fermentation vessel half…
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