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February 2012

The BARn

Building of a Craft Beer Bar at the BARn

A long, long time ago we dreamed of having a cool bar in the top of our barn.  That dream was before we even hauled hay out of the top of what is now the BARn way back in 100+ temperatures in July 2010. In November or December this year, we went upstairs and measured and drew and talked through building the first craft beer bar in Texas County.  We bought a bar sink, ran water upstairs, and put electricity into our bar shell.  We added some tables and chairs and lighting, and found Tim Prater's Wood Mill. We…
The BARn

Bucyrus, Missouri–A Craft Beer Town

Bucyrus.  Pronounced "Bue-sigh-russ".  I know.  It doesn't look like that. Bucyrus is little more than a postal code.  In fact, Bucyrus is one of the rural post office towns that's on the post office chopping block.  But we'll get to keep our name. A whole bunch of good people live in Bucyrus.  I imagine that every single resident of Bucyrus has had the distinct pleasure of giving someone we don't know our zip code for a town look up only to receive complete silence while they try to figure out how to pronounce the town that just popped up. At…
The Beer

Craft Beer Shoot at the BARn*

*There were no beers injured in the making of this blog post. There comes a time in every beer’s life where a professional must be called in.  In this case, the professional was once again Brooke Hamilton of Grindstone Studio. This time, Brooke brought her camera, a whole carload of “stuff”, and her mentor and teacher and our friend, Marian McKinney.  Here’s how it went down: The Star:  Piney River Beer The Professional:  Brooke Hamilton, Grindstone Studio The Assistant:  Marian McKinney, McKinney Forge & Design Studio The Beer Runner & Other Assistant:  Me (Joleen) The Beer Pourer :  Brian (while…
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