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March 2012

Beer Events

Thank You, Craft Beer Loving Friends!

If last Saturday's fun is a foretaste of what's in store at Piney River Brewing in 2012, we are going to have a blast together at the BARn! The week before March 17th was a blur of more tile work each evening. On Friday Brian and I both took the day off to trim around parts of the bar and back wall, move the kegerator, set up the merchandise display, open/wash new glassware, install a big chalkboard listing all of our products, and a new sound system. We took a break for dinner on Friday evening about 7, and from…
Beer Events

Not Your Ordinary Weekend at the BARn

Since November, we have had the BARn open every Saturday afternoon (except Thanksgiving and Christmas weekends) for tastings, growler fills and general fun...including fires around the fire pits, pints with a view in the upstairs "soon-to-be" taproom, and tours and conversation with Brian and I about things like our brewing process and our passion for craft beer in the Ozarks. If you regularly frequent the BARn, you've noticed the work that we've been doing on the upstairs of the BARn--lights, tables and chairs and a real bar.  There's still work to be done--the 1,000 square foot deck off the West…
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