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August 2012

The Beer

Craft Beer for Capitol Hill

We've been doing the usual around here...making beer, canning beer, cleaning kegs, doing tastings, festivals and tap takeovers, and talking to politicians. Okay, so we don't talk to politicians every day.  In fact, we really try to stay away from most things political, but things have changed lately.  As members of the Brewer's Association, we've been diligent about contacting our legislators regarding our brewery and brewing legislation. At the Craft Brewer's Conference in San Diego this year we had the opportunity to talk with Representative Pete DeFazio of Oregon a passionate voice for craft beer on Capitol Hill.  Pete loved…
Beer Events

Craft Beer Lake Ozark Style

We received a few flyers about the Midwest Wine and Brew Fest in Lake Ozark a couple of weeks ago. There were several wineries listed on the flyer, but there was only one brewery. Yes. You guessed it. Piney River Brewing. Really? The only brewery? No competition for craft beer lovers? Seriously? Alright! We knew we were going to rock the festival. The festival was in a large, spacious, carpeted room. We had three full size skirted tables to spread ourselves out on. There were silver trays with little packages of palate cleansing crackers and silver dump buckets. (I left…
The Beer

A Toast to Local, Handcrafted Ozark Beer

We went back to the scene of our very first tonight. We had a delicious dinner of Ozark BBQ and fried okra.  We tipped back a pint of McKinney Eddy Amber Ale (they were out of Black Walnut Wheat). We were at Olig’s BBQ in Licking.  While Olig’s is a great little barbecue joint…in an old barn, no less…Marie and Dan Lewis were the first restaurant to put Piney River beer on tap. We had mentioned the possibility of putting our beer on tap in Olig’s last summer, long before we even had draft beer available for restaurants.  Some of…
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