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March 2015

The Beer

Craft Beer…It's Something We Can All Agree On

We don't claim to be particularly political at Piney River.  But we do believe in speaking up about things that are important to us to our elected officials. As we've learned over the past four years, craft beer crosses all political lines, and we can all come together to share a beer. And that's how this came to be. Brian shows off the new construction project to US Representative Jason Smith (MO-8). We were very honored to host our Congressman for Missouri's 8th District at Piney River today.  Representative Jason Smith and his aides Eric Harmon and Tammy Corrigan picked…
Beer Events

4th Aleiversary—The Best One Yet

Yes, we had some anxiety about the 4th Aleiversary. Just like the 3rd Aleiversary, we planned to be overwhelmed. Portapotties? Check. Two food trucks? Check. Security? Check. Beer trailer with six taps outside? Check. ID bracelets and beer tickets? Had those to. We even had a brand spanking new deck addition--built just in time. Everyone knows that the sun always shines on the Aleiversary, so even though we began watching the weather religiously a month in advance, sunshine seemed pretty likely (insert fingers and toes crossed). On February 13th the construction on our building ground to a halt with snow,…
Beer Events

Some Notes About the 4th Aleiversary…All the Stuff You Might Want to Know Before Our Big Day

The Aleiversary is free admission as our thanks to you for your great support over the past 4 years! The Aleiversary is open to all ages. We will give all attendees over the age of 21 a wristband so you don’t have to show your ID every time you want a beer. If you don’t have a wristband, you will be asked to show ID and our servers can provide you with a wristband. We will serve beers at a trailer outside and inside our tap room. You will need a “beer ticket” to purchase a beer. All beers are…
Beer Events

Brewery Celebrates Four Years of Business with Aleiversary Event

Piney River Brewing Company is celebrating their fourth anniversary on Sat., Mar. 14th at the brewery in Bucyrus. The “4th Aleiversary” party will be held at the BARn—the brewery and tap room located off Junction ZZ—from 12 to 7 p.m. “After a few weeks of wintery weather, we are looking forward to enjoying a beautiful spring day in the Ozarks at our upcoming Aleiversary,” Joleen Durham, co-founder and owner, said. Durham described the Aleiversary as “the biggest event in Bucyrus”, and over 600 people from across the region enjoyed the day with the Durham’s at the Piney River Farm. “The…
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