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October 2015

The Beer

Farm Brewer Wanted!

Do you love beer?  We may have a job for you! We're looking for a new team member on the Piney River Farm--a brewer!  Our brewers are paid well, and we take a lot of pride in work our team members do every day.  Brewing is hard work, but brewing excellent craft beer is also very rewarding.  And if you work for us, you get to live here!  In the Ozarks where the streams and trails abound. Check out this job description.  If this sounds like something you are interested in, let us know why you're passionate about beer and…
The Beer

How Piney River Runs Through St. Louis

A couple of years ago, Brian and I poured beer at Augusta Bottoms Bierfest. We met John Hummel from Summit Distributing for the first time at that festival. Like many people in the St. Louis area, John and members of his family had found a little convenience store near St. Louis where they could sometimes find Piney River beer. They wanted more. John had also heard about Piney River through the Missouri wholesale distributor network. He let us know that he would like a seat at the table when we began talking to distributors in the St. Louis area. I’m…
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