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February 2018

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Charity on Tap

If you've been to the BARn, you know that Piney River loves to support local charity.  Every month, we have a local charity that we support with a portion of our sample tray sales.  We've been able to help some great charities--The Missouri Smallmouth Alliance, the Texas County Food Pantry, Women in Need in the Ozarks, TCMH Hospice of Care, the Houston Education Foundation, just to name a few.  The Charity of the Month at the BARn is chosen by Brian, Andy and I to support a cause that is important to us.  We try to stick with charities that…
The Beer

Winter in the Ozarks Has Me Like….

So ready for a beach, some palm trees, an Ozarks gravel bar, my Chacos, and green grass everywhere. Anybody with me? Maybe I'm just spoiled with the mild winters of most recent years, but it seems like it has been really cold this winter. Cue our beer to chase away your winter blues... Cerveza Rio. We shipped Cerveza Rio out to most of our distributors earlier this month, so if you've seen this bright yellow label glowing on the beer shelf you have found our answer to winter.  This beer is a Mexican-style lager.  It's yellow in color, easy drinking…
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