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7th Aleiversary Fun on the Farm

Joleen & Brian Durham

Did you celebrate 7 years of Piney River with us last weekend?

Thank you!

There was so much beer including 2018 Mule Team Imperial IPA. We had
sun, we had pillow-y clouds, about half of a glorious spring day, then clouds, but still not too chilly.  Despite all of our worrying about the weather, we really had a great to celebrate 7 years of beer from Piney River Brewing.

Big thanks to Mike & Julie’s Smoked Meats for providing a food truck for the day.  They had their best day ever, and our Piney River crew did their fair share of pizza slinging alongside beers.  We trust everyone was full of delicious food and drink.

We had two awesome bands–Joshin the Giants and Jervis Jort.  Both bands did their best to raise the roof in celebration with us.  There was toe tapping, hand clapping, and dancing and  frivolity.  The BARn and BARn deck was packed, and the new brewery had music and tables and chairs full of our friends, too.

2018 Mule Team IPA

Our new mixed fermentation beers–Missouri Waltz and its fruited cousins were well received.  Cerveza Rio…well, we almost ran out of it! Big Red Barn Ale, the imperial red ale we debuted received good reviews.  And 2018 Must Team Imperial IPA is probably the best evah version of this big, hoppy beer to come from the Farm.  All of these beers will be available at the BARn for the next few weeks (until we run out), and we will be shipping 2018 Mule Team to our distribution partners in the next couple of weeks, too.  Get your hands on some!

Thank you for joining us for the 7th Aleiversary.  We made memories, and we hope you did, too.  And if you want to enjoy a few more photos from the day, check out this link from The Houston Herald.  We’re already looking forward to #8.  It’s on the Piney River calendar, and one band, The Hurricanes, is already booked, so mark your calendars, make your room reservations and plan to join us again in Brewcyrus for the best day of the year.

Andy Durham

Cheers to another year with Piney River!




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