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The BARn

Black Walnut for 14, Please

For the brewery that created the flagship beer Black Walnut Wheat, there’s really nothing more fitting than to have three giant, communal tables made of black walnut in our tap room. One of the three black walnut slab tables at the BARn. If you’ve been in the BARn in the past few months, surely you’ve noticed our black walnut tables. They are BIG. They are beautiful. And like all things Piney River, they have a story. Piney River Brewing is located on our Farm, and in the 20 years that we’ve owned our farm, we have lost some centuries old…
The Beer

Pucker Up for Lizzie Twister, Y’all!

Blackberry Lizzie Twister We are so excited to bring some funk to cans–finally! If you are a BARn regular, you know we’ve been serving Lizzie Twister Berliner-style wiesse since we turned our original brewery space into a home for some farm-raised funk.  Lizzie Twister is a delicious tart wheat beer, and we have raspberry, blackberry and peach flavored syrups that can be added to the Lizzie Twister as an added flavor shot. Craft beer drinking in the US continues to grow a little each year, and "sour" beers are part of that growth.  We've been serving Lizzie Twister at the…
Beer Events

Thank You for Celebrating 8 Years with Piney River!

March 23 was everything a Piney River Aleiversary was supposed to be--mostly lots of celebrating with you!  Excellent tunes piped across the fields by The Layton Hollow Gals and The Hurricanes.  Delicious food from Ozark Mountain BBQ and The Chef's Table at Dawt Mill. We had a little sunshine at the beginning of the day, and a little rain at the end, but a great time was had by all.  Thank you so much for celebrating with us in 2019!  We couldn't have done this without you and your support of our little brewery in Bucyrus!
Beer Events

The Best Aleiversary Line Up EVER

It's really hard to believe that nine years ago we opened the red door on the BARn and invited anyone that was interested to come try some beer that Brian and I brewed on our Sabco Brew Magic.  Andy was a four-year old.  We had our first dog, Sam, and our first cats, Barney and Pumpkin.  The girlfriends were all pretty young. Fast forward nine years--Andy's got his own Root Beer line! We've got our second dog, Annie, and two more cats, Skylar and BC.  Some of the girlfriends' babies are raising their own young on the Farm these days.…
Beer Events

Eighth Aleiversary Event Planned at Piney River Brewing

Bucyrus, Missouri • February 23, 2019—Piney River Brewing Company is celebrating their eighth anniversary on Saturday, March 23rd at the brewery in Bucyrus. The “8th Aleiversary” party will be held at the BARn—the brewery and tap room located off Junction ZZ in Bucyrus—from 12 to 7 p.m. This year’s Aleiversary event features special beer releases, two bands, and two food trucks. Mule Team IPA, an imperial India pale ale, is released annually at Piney River’s Aleiversary. The 2019 Mule Team will be a “brut-style” IPA—dry, crisp, and heavily hopped and dry-hopped exclusively with Nelson-Sauvin hops from New Zealand. The Nelson-Sauvin variety…
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Who’s Ready to Raise A Ruckus?

“This is the best one yet,” Brian said last week. Brian was talking about our annual Raise A Ruckus Imperial Stout.  This beer is only made once a year, and we’ve only made it three times in the life of our brewery, inspired by a beer we brewed with Michael Wells, a home brewer from Kansas City. That’s why it’s craft beer—because we’re hopefully getting better at our craft every time we work at it. 2019 Raise A Ruckus Imperial Stout went into cans and kegs today. The celebration of this once-a-year, limited release beer begins this weekend at the…
Beer EventsThe Beer

Birth. Movies. Death. And Beer!

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has a motto: Birth. Movies. Death. If you’ve ever been to an Alamo Drafthouse, you know that it’s not just “going to see a movie”. At Alamo, it's about having a “movie experience”. Leather recliners. Well-behaved guests. Great food and drink served to you while you watch your movie. The Alamo Drafthouse movie experience is awesome! Brian and I were kinda excited about the Alamo Drafthouse that was slated to come to Springfield, MO in 2017. We distinctly remember the time we were vacationing with a very young Andy that wanted to see a new cartoon movie…
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