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German Road is an Oktoberfest Beer, too

Last fall Brian and I decided that in 2018 we would make an Oktoberfest-style beer. We enjoyed three delicious ones that led to our decision—Marshall Brewing Oktoberfest; Sun King Brewing Oktoberfest, and Highland Brewing Clawhammer Oktoberfest.  None of those beers are available in Missouri, but if you are in Oklahoma, Indiana, or North Carolina, get your hands on one of those Oktoberfest beers!

So…we drank some delicious Oktoberfest beers, and as it tends to happen when we drink, we decided to brew a beer.

The awesome thing about this beer is that while Brian and I made the decision to brew an Oktoberfest beer, we turned over development of the beer’s recipe to our head brewer, Matt Beatty. All of us discussed ABV, hop profile, style, etc., but the beer was Matt’s baby.

Matt used German Hersbruker hops for aroma and flavor—a new hop for our brewery to use. Based on the fact that the original Oktoberfest beers in German were light, easy-drinking lagers, Matt opted for something in between a Helles and a Marzen in his recipe development, so Piney River’s first Oktoberfest is a Vienna-style lager.

The name for this beer was easy. When you live in Bucyrus and German Road is the name of one of the main arteries of the community, you keep that Oktoberfest name local! Using the name German Road seemed like a great way to pay homage to the Germans that settled in Texas County in the 1800’s right around the time everyone in Bavaria was celebrating a royal marriage that led to the annual celebrations we know today as Oktoberfest.

German Road is SO GOOD! Since this beer was brewed, it’s all we’ve been drinking.

We kayaked on the Current River a couple of weeks ago.  Guess what? German Road is totally river worthy. There are no excuses to not enjoy an Oktoberfest beer on the river, in the woods, at the lake, or wherever you enjoy the outdoors in the fall.

What began in October 1810 as a royal marriage celebration in the farm fields outside the city gates of Munich, Bavaria in Germany is known today as Oktoberfest—the world’s largest beer festival. Also nearly 200 years ago, our neighbors of German immigrant heritage homesteaded farms across the Ozarks, including the farms on German Road near the Piney River Farm. Our Oktoberfest lager continues the celebration of farming, handcrafted lager, and festivities with friends.  Prost!


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