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It's official

Tonight Brian and I popped the cork on a bottle of Three Philosophers (Ommegang Brewery).  After polishing that off, we sampled our latest and last home brew–what will be named “McKinney Eddy Amber Ale” when it’s labeled.

It’s official folks, we’ve been approved.

Two months after submitting our inches thick application to the Tobacco Tax Bureau, we have received approval to brew and sell alcohol from the federal government!  (Major kudos to Brian.  Our TTB rep told Brian that it was one of the most complete applications she’s ever seen.) When we submitted our application, we were told it would take 90 days, the TTB told us it would be 95 days.  But…we’re through.  APPROVED!

State approval is still on the agenda and must be obtained before we are fully able to brew and sell, but the major hurdle has been crossed.

So, with a little Mark Knopfler’s “Shangri-La” in the background, we had a beer toast tonight.  Wish you could have joined us…but you will be ale to very soon because IT”S OFFICIAL!

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  • Terry Stump says:

    I think your story is pretty amazing.
    I’m writing you from Los Angeles, but I was born and raised just outside Houston MO, and graduated from college in Rolla in 1985.
    When I saw your Bucyrus address, I smiled.
    My father was born in Bucyrus in 1918 and my mother’s father (Wilson Coats) owned a large farm on the Piney River (at the mouth of Hog Creek) so I know your area well.
    Keep up the great work and I look forward to promoting it for you in the Los Angeles area. If there’s anything you think I might do to help out here, let me know.

    Terry Stump

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