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Shot Through the Heart, And We’re to Blame

It’s a song. It’s for a movie. It’s the name of a beer!

But not just any beer. It’s a very special collabeeration with our friends at Alamo Drafthouse in Springfield and in St. Louis.

Drumroll please…Shot Through the Heart! A delicious, highly crushable red lager to be paired with The Fall Guy or whatever movie, or trivia, or Backlot hang you’ve got going on.

First of all, a little bit about the movie, The Fall Guy, which stars Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt. It’s an action comedy. A stunt guy trying to be cool. A pissed off ex-girlfriend. Go see it. It will make you laugh. And the Alamo Drafthouse folks brewed a beer that you’re going to totally love while you watch the movie!






Let us tell you about the brew day!

Because Shot Through the Heart is a lager, we brewed it on February 13th so it would have plenty of time to lager before The Fall Guy’s release date. It was a warm February day on the Farm, and the Alamo folks descended around 9 a.m. We had donuts and beer and started Lager Brewing 101. While our staff directed, the Alamo crew mashed in, emptied the mashtun, added the hops, moved the beer from tank to tank, added the yeast, and tucked the beer into a fermentation tank to ferment and then lager for several weeks. In between there were more beers, pizza, feeding spent grains to the cows (yes, there was some actual hand feeding taking place), and general fun on the farm on a beautiful day in February!

Go get Shot Through the Heart NOW at Alamo Drafthouse in Springfield and in St. Louis! Enjoy a delicious lager brewed by the folks that take care of you in your theater seat or across the bar. Since Shot Through the Heart is a lager, it’s extremely smooth and easy to drink (5% ABV, 18 IBU).

This is a beer for everyone, which is a perfect beer for Alamo Drafthouse–also a great place for everyone!

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