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The Beer

Gold, Silver, and Bronze at 2018 US Open Beer Championship

Piney River Brewing won three medals at the US Open Beer Championship. Winners were announced this week. US Open Beer Gold Medalist, Black Walnut Wheat; silver medalist, Andy’s Root Beer, and bronze medalist, Float Trip Ale. Piney River received a gold medal for Black Walnut Wheat, a silver medal for Andy’s Root Beer, and a bronze medal for Float Trip Ale. The US Open Beer Championship is held annually in Oxford, OH.  This year, over 6,300 beers from around the world were entered in 110 different beer style categories. The contest is open to professional brewers and home brewers.  US…

What’s Your Current Situation?

  Last fall, Brian, Andy and I were floating down the upper Current River enjoying tunes, beers and root beers, and talking about Piney River Brewing.  As you know, our beers our inspired by nature.   Brian and I already had in mind that we wanted to introduce a new IPA in 2018.  Missouri Mule, our year-round IPA is great, and Mule Team, our imperial IPA that we release every March for our anniversary, is awesome, but we wanted to try our hand again with an IPA. So, we were thinking about that.   Then, while sitting in our kayak…
The Beer

Introducing the Root Beer that Needs No Introduction–Andy’s

Well, he did it.  Andy finally got his root beer into a can. Andy was just five years old when we started turning that old barn into the BARn. He barely remembers a time that "the brewery" wasn't part of our family breakfast, lunch, dinner, vehicle, kayaking, porch-sitting, you-name-it conversations.  He's learned the vernacular of the business, and a few years into the business, Andy had an itch to have a product of his own.  Naturally, we're a family-friendly establishment, and if your parents make beer and you're in elementary school, you should make root beer.  Andy's Homemade Root Beer…
The Beer

Keeping Craft Cans Sustainable

When Piney River was the first microbrewery in the state of Missouri to can beer at our brewery November 2011, it was a very hands-on process in a very tight space.  Putting craft beer in a can was still a fairly new phenomenon, but we knew it was the best way to enjoy beer in nature, which is what we are all about.  From the beginning we hand-applied the black four-pack tops to our cans because that was the only way we could put cans together.  We didn’t have the space for another machine! The photo doesn't do it justice,…
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Raise A Ruckus Release at the BARn

We’re gonna Raise A Ruckus this weekend ya’ll! The fun begins this Friday at the BARn. We will have 2018 Raise A Ruckus in its traditional form—aged on vanilla and coffee beans (Brick & Mortar Coffee's Piney River blend, thank you very much). We will also have the first barrel-aged Raise A Ruckus, also aged on vanilla and coffee beans, but also aged for almost a year in bourbon and whiskey barrels—mostly J. Rieger & Co. barrels from our friends in KC. Packaged this week, both of these beers are simply delicious. We’ve shared sips of barrels and even some samples…
The Beer

Going to Kansas City, Kansas City Here Piney River Comes

Amazing things can happen in Kansas City. On May 17, 1997 Brian and I traveled to KC for our first Kansas City Royals baseball game.  We were celebrating our first anniversary with a few days in KC. The Royals were playing the Tigers.  The Royals weren't as well regarded in baseball at the time.  Since we avidly followed the St. Louis Cardinals and the National League, we really didn't know much about the Royals or the Tigers, but we were at a baseball game together. And we loved baseball.  Kaufman Stadium was really beautiful, too, with the fountains in the outfield. We had…
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