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Grindstone Studio

The Beer

Missouri Mule Kicked the Green Can Down the Road

We recently poured beer at West Plains Beerfest, and we had a few people come up to our tub of craft can goodness, and say, "I like the one in the green can." Actually, people have been saying that they like the one in the green can since November 2011 when Missouri Mule IPA was the second beer we ever canned on the Piney River Farm.  We are still proud to the be first craft brewery in Missouri to put an IPA in a can because we love hops! The green Missouri Mule IPA can was kicked down the road…
The Beer

Raccoons, Hops, Craft Beer & Good Times in the Ozarks

As a brewer, there's that moment when you send that first case of a new beer out to the distributor or when you hand the first new pint over to a customer.  You feel like a parent.  You want the best because, after all, you created this beer.  You want the beer to stand on its own.  You want the beer to be a great representative of you. If you've followed Piney River Brewing for any time, you know that we've had a few proud parent moments...the consumer demand for Black Walnut Wheat, the GABF Gold medal for Old Tom…
The Beer

Another Piney River Craft Beer Story–Hot Date Ale

“Are you trying to incite a riot?”  Brian asked. I had posted the graphic for our upcoming “Hot Date Ale” on the brewery’s Facebook page.  Folks went a little crazy over it. Yes, I was trying to gauge the interest.  No, I didn’t want to start a riot. Either way, Hot Date Ale is out there.  And yes, there’s a bra on the can graphic.  First time that’s ever happened?  Quite possibly. The question that we are constantly asked is, “How do you come up with stuff like this?” So here’s the story of Hot Date Ale…. Rewind to our…
The Beer

Craft Beer Shoot at the BARn*

*There were no beers injured in the making of this blog post. There comes a time in every beer’s life where a professional must be called in.  In this case, the professional was once again Brooke Hamilton of Grindstone Studio. This time, Brooke brought her camera, a whole carload of “stuff”, and her mentor and teacher and our friend, Marian McKinney.  Here’s how it went down: The Star:  Piney River Beer The Professional:  Brooke Hamilton, Grindstone Studio The Assistant:  Marian McKinney, McKinney Forge & Design Studio The Beer Runner & Other Assistant:  Me (Joleen) The Beer Pourer :  Brian (while…
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