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The Beer

It Was A Hot, Hoppy, Hazy Day on the Farm

Piney River Brewing and the staff at Alamo Drafthouse KC and Springfield, MO got together in Brewcyrus for an epic day of brewing Piney River's first every New England-style IPA. You're Welcome America is meant to be paired with Zombieland: Double Tap and the other fine movies at Alamo Drafthouse. It's also on tap at The Backlot.

What’s Your Current Situation?

  Last fall, Brian, Andy and I were floating down the upper Current River enjoying tunes, beers and root beers, and talking about Piney River Brewing.  As you know, our beers our inspired by nature.   Brian and I already had in mind that we wanted to introduce a new IPA in 2018.  Missouri Mule, our year-round IPA is great, and Mule Team, our imperial IPA that we release every March for our anniversary, is awesome, but we wanted to try our hand again with an IPA. So, we were thinking about that.   Then, while sitting in our kayak…
The Beer

Missouri Mule Kicked the Green Can Down the Road

We recently poured beer at West Plains Beerfest, and we had a few people come up to our tub of craft can goodness, and say, "I like the one in the green can." Actually, people have been saying that they like the one in the green can since November 2011 when Missouri Mule IPA was the second beer we ever canned on the Piney River Farm.  We are still proud to the be first craft brewery in Missouri to put an IPA in a can because we love hops! The green Missouri Mule IPA can was kicked down the road…
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