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The Piney River Bed & Brewery Has Vacancy

Sign on road to house — Piney River FarmhouseWe don’t serve breakfast. So don’t get your hopes up about that. Unless you consider a beer breakfast, which really isn’t a bad idea.

In March 2019 we had the opportunity to increase the size of our Farm by purchasing an 80-acre farm on our road. The farm was a Missouri Century Farm because it had been in the Wall family for over 100 years, but the time came when there wasn’t a family member to continue farming the land. We were contacted about purchasing the land, house, barns and outbuildings, and we saw a lot of potential.

Mostly we saw potential to increase the size of our beef cattle herd, providing more grass to graze on year-round, more fresh water to drink, and the location was just about a mile from our farm–nearly perfect.

Brian called the farm a “3-year project”. We’re coming up on year 3 in March, and the projects are gonna go way beyond that. Fencing and fencing repairs, brush clean up, pasture management, picking up stuff left behind for the past 100 years–it takes about a million hours and we’re only a couple thousand in.

Making the farm land useable for our cattle was our #1 priority, but in 2020 just about the time the world was closing down due to Covid, Mother Nature handed us a major blow in the form of a baseball-size hail storm centered over our little hollow. In a matter of 15 minutes three vehicles were totaled at our house, roofs were destroyed, windows broken, siding shattered. The little Farmhouse was especially battered, and we had to address damages immediately or risk losing the house altogether.








The Covid silver-lining was that we were trying to keep our employees employed even though we were “closed”. The Piney River Bed & Brewery began. The house has mostly been finished for about a year. We had some outbuildings to tear down, landscaping and general clean up work to do, house furnishing to complete, and finally we figuratively turned on the “vacancy” sign in September, welcoming our first “official” guests the weekend of Fall on the Farm 2021. Since then, we’ve hosted family reunions, birthday weekends, girl getaways and college reunions. Personally, we love that people are coming to our neck of the woods to relax, recharge, and celebrate–it’s an extension of enjoying a Piney River beer.

Like I said, we don’t serve breakfast, but we will stock fresh beer in the fridge. And the brewery is just down the road, which is also a pretty fun perk. There’s a fire pit, a porch swing, walk-in showers with perches for your beers, and so much nature from the Milky Way overhead to the spring below the house, you’re bound to have an experience.

Front exterior — Piney River FarmhouseYou can check out photos of  the rooms and all the other details here. We only have one weekend left in 2021, and we have several weekends already on the books for 2022. We hope one of those weekends becomes yours.

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