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The ultimate….

We started with a beer fridge in the basement.  Smallish, stocked with cold variety.

Our next step was a kegorator.  We wondered how we ever lived without the capabilities to keep beer on tap in our home.

The most recent beer chilling tool is a first in the life of all brewer’s that intend to brew professionally—the walk-in cooler.

This past weekend,with Mumford and Sons playing in the background, we snapped together our 9’X11’ ultimate beer fridge, placing it in the Northwest corner of the BARn.

The walk-in cooler takes cool to a whole new level and in more ways than one!   In the tap room upstairs, we’re going to tap into the kegs in the cooler down below to supply the coldest beer possible.  Just the thought makes us happy!

And other BARn progress continues….

The handmade sidelights have been placed in the West end of the upstairs.  We’re working on painting the exterior doors rustic red, too.

Sam cut a big ol’ hole in the side of the upstairs floor, and designed and built some stairs that are very smooth to climb and descend.  He used new giant oak beams to support the areas where he removed floor joists from the loft floor.

Walls for the bathrooms (guys and gals) have been erected as well as a wall for the office to separate the brewery and the office.  We’re using the tin from the roof to line some parts of the BARn walls.

Soon to come…more plumbing, ducts, heat and electricity.

To top things off, my duties as chair of the Missouri Association for Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing organization came to an end last week.  MAHPRM recognized me with a gift they thought I might enjoy and use—two tap handles with our name on them.  Staff members at the Missouri Hospital Association designed a logo for the handles.  They won’t know until we unveil our new logo how close they came to what we’re planning to use!

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  • Brenda Senter says:

    I love all the pics and what a great gift. How wonderful to see your dreams becoming a reality. I can’t wait to see it all.

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