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More Opportunities for Craft Beer in the Ozarks!

Yes! The BARn is open!

After too many LOOOONG and quiet weeks of closure due to COVID-19, the BARn doors were opened again on May 8th. Tables have been spaced according to Governor Parson’s Keep Missouri Healthy order, and we are asking our customers to help us abide by the safety protocols we have in place.

In the process we found that with our deck picnic tables spaced 6-feet apart, we can seat 96 people on the decks with 6 people at each table! There is less seating available inside, but with the warmer weather, we have all the doors open, so even the folks popping up tents or spreading blankets on the lawn feel like one giant open air tap room out in the hills and hollers of Brewcyrus. While hugs and handshakes aren’t kosher right now, we have LOVED seeing each and everyone of you! And thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to support Piney River Brewing by purchasing beer (and root beer!) from the retailers while we were closed. Thank you also, those of you that have been able, for coming back by the BARn to show your support and love for us and the best beertenders in the business these past two weekends. You make our eyes water.

BIG NEWS! Before this coronavirus craziness, we had been kicking around extending the BARn hours during the summer months. Now, we really feel like we ought to share a little more craft beer with those of you that love our taproom, so we are extending the BARn hours on Friday evenings to 10 p.m. and Saturdays to 10 p.m. We’re calling it Float Trip Hours, and the Float Trip Hours will begin Memorial Day Weekend (this weekend) through Labor Day weekend. Hopefully, you can get in a float then swing by the BARn for a pizza and a beer or two!

A couple more things we absolutely have to share. When we opened on May 8th, we opened with a few extra special kegs tapped from some of our brewery friends that we share distribution with here in the Ozarks–Boulevard, Schlafly, Mother’s, and Public House. We have those beers tapped and proceeds from those pint sales support the Missouri Craft Brewers Guild, the voice for craft beer in Missouri, something that we all support. All breweries and our Guild have had a really tough time with the Covid-19 shut downs and for many tough times are continuing. We wanted to make it easy for you to help us support Missouri’s craft breweries during this time. Enjoy a flight of Missouri craft beers, a pint, or take home a crowler from our friends when you visit us!

Click here for a link to the raffle!

If you are a fan of Missouri craft beer, don’t miss out on the opportunity to win an amazing prize during the Missouri Craft Brewers Guild Show Me a Good Time raffle going on now through May 24th. A single $10 ticket will get you the opportunity to win one of dozens of amazing prizes, most of which are valued at around $100.

Piney River has donated one of our custom steel fire pits to the cause, a $350 value and guaranteed to provide hours of enjoyment when paired with your favorite craft beer!

In case you were wondering, your favorite Brewcyrus brewing family stayed pretty busy during the Covid-19 shutdown. We did a little brewing to keep up with the demand for canned beer, so we were able to keep our brewing staff fully employed. (YAY!) We also did a little turkey hunting, some fishing, some fence building and general farm work, and we started a brand spankin’ new brewery project.

Long story short, last spring, we purchased a small farm near our brewery so we could raise more beef cattle. The farm came with a cute little farmhouse. The farmhouse needed some serious TLC to be useable, and farmhouse TLC wasn’t at the top of our agenda. However, less than a week into our COVID-19 shutdown, we had a baseball size hailstorm that beat the @#$% out of that cute little farmhouse. Coming in 2020–the Piney River Bed & Brewery.  Stay tuned for more information about that little project, but here’s what we we started with. Who wouldn’t enjoy drinking a beer on that porch?


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