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Pucker Up for Lizzie Twister, Y’all!

By April 24, 2019September 2nd, 2022The Beer

Blackberry Lizzie Twister

We are so excited to bring some funk to cans–finally!

If you are a BARn regular, you know we’ve been serving Lizzie Twister Berliner-style wiesse since we turned our original brewery space into a home for some farm-raised funk.  Lizzie Twister is a delicious tart wheat beer, and we have raspberry, blackberry and peach flavored syrups that can be added to the Lizzie Twister as an added flavor shot.

Craft beer drinking in the US continues to grow a little each year, and “sour” beers are part of that growth.  We’ve been serving Lizzie Twister at the BARn for two to three years, and we’ve had Missouri Waltz and it’s fruited variants from our foeders on tap for the past year.  We have also seen a larger appreciation and following for the funk we are raising on the Farm.  The time was right–put one in a can!

Blackberry Lizzie Twister is our first foray into canning sour ales, and she is DELICIOUS! Lizzie is fermented with lactobacillus in the BARn, then hundreds of pounds of fresh blackberries are added during fermentation. The result is a beautifully purple, tart beer with a clean, dry finish.  The blackberry comes through in color, and the beer also has an aroma and a finish of blackberries.

Unlike the Lizzie Twister with a shot of blackberry syrup that you may have enjoyed at the BARn, this blackberry beer is not sweet at all because the natural sugar in the blackberries has fermented away.  Which also means that this 4% ABV beer comes in at just 104 calories a can. (Can we get a holla for that?!) Which totally means it can be enjoyed ALL DAY LONG on the river…or at the lake, or by the pool, or on the trail, or wherever you like to enjoy a sessionable sour ale.

Blackberry Lizzie Twister is available on draft and in cans at the BARn.  We are also sending out it out to our distribution partners, so you may see it at your local retailer soon, too.  If not, ask for it!

Our love for sour beers finally made its way to can with Blackberry Lizzie Twister.

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