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Dawt Mill

Beer Events

The Best Aleiversary Line Up EVER

It's really hard to believe that nine years ago we opened the red door on the BARn and invited anyone that was interested to come try some beer that Brian and I brewed on our Sabco Brew Magic.  Andy was a four-year old.  We had our first dog, Sam, and our first cats, Barney and Pumpkin.  The girlfriends were all pretty young. Fast forward nine years--Andy's got his own Root Beer line! We've got our second dog, Annie, and two more cats, Skylar and BC.  Some of the girlfriends' babies are raising their own young on the Farm these days.…
Beer Events

American Craft Beer Week–Piney River Style

Since 2012 we have celebrated American Craft Beer Week with events throughout our distribution area.  American Craft Beer Week is the official week that craft beer is celebrated across our nation, and we love taking part in this nationwide celebration. This year is no different for us.  Tuesday night we will be at Flying Saucer in Little Rock with one of the extremely limited kegs of Mule Team, our 3rd Aleiversary Imperial IPA, to share at their #ACBW event.  On Thursday night, we will be at Mama Jean's Market in Springfield (the Sunshine location) at a special craft beer tasting…
The Beer

Craft Beer for Your Next Float Trip

It was just about 3 years ago that one of our friends asked, “Are you insane?” when she heard we were starting a brewery in a barn on our farm. We said, “No, we’re not insane, we’re having the time of our lives!” And it’s true, this industry is a fun one. There’s great camaraderie among the folks that make beer and sell beer. It’s very rewarding to pour your heart and soul into a vision of crafting high quality beer that celebrates the Ozarks and to people snapping up your products as soon as they hit the shelves. (Thank…
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